The key to feeding your dog is to maintain a balance between the various classes of food. Dogs eat almost all what we humans eat but are originally carnivores meaning they feed only or more on flesh. 
       In feeding dogs the age must be taken into consideration together with physiological condition, level of activity and the weight. For instance, a puppy of 1-4 weeks is to be feed a meal with a combination of water, cereal, and milk, but no fish, green vegetables, eggs, cod liver oil and liver and no canned food.                    
      Calcium and other minerals should also be supplemented to facilitate bone development. For a dog of 4-8 weeks, meat should be added to the meal. For a dog of 8-12 weeks, meat, egg, cod liver oil, and liver can be added.
       And for 12 weeks to 6 month can be given any combination of the above, this is because their digestive system is developed enough to digest any of the above. 
       The number of times to feed a dog is also depends of the age and each is as follows. For 1-4 weeks 4 meals a day, for 4-8 weeks 4 meals a day, for 8-12 weeks 3 meals a day, and for 12 weeks to 6 months only 2 meals per day. As a dog grow older, the number of times to feed it in a single day reduce while the complexity of the diet increased      
        The dry matter digestible by dogs is between 60-90 percent and good digestion and absorption is evident by the presence of firm and dark feces. A pale and large feces suggest poor digestion and diet should be changed.
        In a case of dietary change, it is important that it be done over a period of 3-5 days.
It is important to seek advice from your veterinarian before buying any dog food, because the energy level of the diet matters a lot and if not considered your dog may be obese, or worse develop diabetes.
        But wait, what if you make your dog food yourself? This way, you know the exact percentage of each ingredient added, but when that is not possible you can check any good food for your dog on the websites below
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